mental health vending machine


Float vending machines provide quick and affordable emergency help around the clock in dealing with everyday emotional crises.

24 "Mental Treats", consisting of objects and guided exercises, support users in their emancipatory self-therapy and conscious activation of their own resources. Learn to give strong emotions such as stress or fear time and space and prevent mental illnesses.

The Treats are therapy products which offer solutions and approaches, tips and lifelong tools that are individually tailored to one's own emotional state. While they cannot replace therapy, they demonstrate a wide range of help and perspectives for mental distress.
Coming along as conventional vending machines and thus everywhere locatable, float vending machines are a plea for the destigmatization and visualization of mental health.

Treat yourself!

With Mental Treats, you strengthen your own resources to draw
on during crises.

Resources are crucial in finding solutions in challenging situations and help you deal with strong emotions.

Mental Treats are based on therapeutic and scientifically proven approaches. You can fall back on them for the rest of your life.
Find new ways to take care of your mental health as well and deal with everyday ups and downs. float helps you. Discover individual coping strategies and offers of help and find suitable approaches for you. If you want, you can work with them even more intensively.

For example

The "Mental Treat" "bite" is based on the principle of embodiment and helps with frustration, dissatisfaction and despair. If you take the lollipop across your mouth so that it makes contact with the corners of your mouth, it automatically pulls the corners of your mouth up with it. Even if it's fake, you smile. The muscular jaw and face relaxation is transmitted to the emotion center in the brain and provides mental relaxation.  Experiments confirm that after 2 minutes in this position testosterone levels (dominance hormone) increase and cortisol levels (stress hormone) decrease. You become more confident, calm and have less nervous flutter.