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Gina Hartig (she/her/any), born 1993
living and working in Berlin and online

As an industrial designer, I am primarily involved in social design, including speculative, therapeutic design, education, and inclusion in the form of scientifically based and holistically designed objects, tools, and spaces.

I’m always up for making work, or friends, or work-friends. Please get in touch via email or instagram︎


Burg Giebichenstein Halle
Industrial Design bachelor
Oct 2015 - Mar 2021

Leipzig School Of Design LSOD
pre-study course design
Nov 2014 - Apr 2015


Hessischer Staatspreis
universal design Frankfurt a. M. ︎︎︎
recognition for ‘exclusive design’

Giebichenstein design award Halle ︎︎︎
1. place most socially committed project
for ‘exclusive design’

special prize Stadmuseum Halle
for ‘exclusive design’


New European Bauhaus Festival︎︎︎
design is never neutral
Jun 2022

press & publications

FRAEK Magazin Issue 01 ︎︎︎
The Female Issue
Nov 2020

form 287 ︎︎︎
Frauen und Design
Mar 2020

Year book 2019 
Burg Giebichenstein
Kunsthochschule Halle ︎︎︎
Apr 2019

Neuwerk Magazin #6
Tabu ︎︎︎
Apr 2019


Education Innovation Lab gUG ︎︎︎
product design manager ‘Digital Sparks’
May 2023 - Present

GoodLab Berlin
Junge Tüftler*innen gGmbH ︎︎︎
makerspace with focus on education
for sustainable development, 
project management and assistant

Mar 2022 - May 2023

FABMOBIL Constitute e.V. ︎︎︎
workshop management, tutorials, digital and prototyping
technology support, lasercutting, 3D printing,
3D software

Nov 2020 - Present

C3 - Cabon Cement Composite
GmbH Magdeburg
public relations, online support,
marketing and branding
Apr 2020 - May 2021

Intern Tinkertoys Leipzig
workshop management, marketing,
digital and prototyping technology support,
construction kit, technology, 3D software
3 months 2014

Intern carpentry EHLERT Leipzig
furniture and interior work
6 months 2014

Intern Theater Magdeburg
Department costume
spray painting, costume processing,
costume design and construction
2 months 2014

Intern carpentry Möbelwerk
furniture + interior work
1 month 2013

Intern form art Berlin
advertising agency, advertising
technology, graphic design, cutting plot,

2 months 2012

Guest student Theater Magdeburg
directing and set design

4 months 2012

voluntary work

V.E.I.D - Federal Association
of Orphaned Parents and
Grieving Siblings in Germany e.V. ︎︎︎
2015 - Present


OSTERCAMP Constitute e.V.
vacation camp for creative technologies at Sociocultural Center TELUX Weisswasser
Apr 2023

SDGs Impuls Workshop
impulse workshop Fabmobil retreat 
Mar 2023

MEDIALAB Japanisches Palais Dresden ︎︎︎
makerspace at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Nov 2022

‘Lokallabor’ Altenburg ︎︎︎
providing young people in structurally weak regions with lasting access to digital education
Oct 2022

‘Lokallabor’ Plauen ︎︎︎
providing young people in structurally weak regions with lasting access to digital education

Aug 2022

‘Avatar Lab’ for Goethe Institut
digital student camp on the subjects
of STEM within the framework of the
initiative PASH programms

Innovationslabor FABMOBIL LANDSICHTEN InnovationCamp
Kühlhaus Görlitz
Sep 2019

‘future phrostetics workshop’
Waterkant festival MFG5 Kiel
Apr 2019


New European Bauhaus Festival︎︎︎
‘design is never neutral’
Jun 2022

Bauhaus Archive
Museum für Gestaltung Berlin ︎︎︎
‘Norm Und Form Design For Everybody?’
May - Aug 2021

Summer of Pioneers Homberg (Erze)
Jul - Jun 2021

Stadmuseum Halle  ︎︎︎
‘Missing stories -
from the lives of people with disabilities’

Nov 2019 - May 2020

Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt Halle
Oct 2019

Waterkant festival MFG5 Kiel
innovation, founder and startup
event, womens entrepreneurship
Apr 2019

re:publica19 at STATION Berlin ︎︎︎
‘Who am I? - Gender and Robotics’
May 2019

Werkraumhaus Bregenzer Wald (AUT)
‘alphabet of life - learning workshop nature’
Okt 2018

Hatch Kingdom Berlin
2014 - Present

Salomon - Kabinett der Künste Magdeburg
Episode V 
Nov 2011

Club Lebensmittel Magdeburg
‘Graffiti On Vinyl’ urban art exhibition
Sep 2011

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