memes for and by an art college


A community that, in times of information overload, explains the world through memes.

Preached by the Memesias, 104 n. BURG, descended from the mountain Instagram. Identity-less and yet among us: we are all @burg_memeichenstein. Memes. Simple, concise and direct in their messages. A cultural paradigm that reflects the mentality of modern society. lol and YOLO! Burg Memeichenstein is not dominated by a single creator. Rather, it is a community that creates participation for all (Yes even the art department). Everyone can express their own perspectives by modifying established image formats. Memes, the mouthpiece of a generation, are an expression of opinion and emotion. Pop culture and humor are used to break down typical situations, grievances and structures within society or an art school. Thus, memes are not only used for entertainment, but also as an established form of political and social satire. Such a comedic approach to addressing and solving a problem leads to a new form of debate, useful at a time when Stura voter turnout is below 20% and everyone is too busy with their semester project anyway.

A great attraction of memes is that they open up opaque cultural references that often defy criticism and analysis due to their complexity. Those who know the situation get it immediately, while outsiders find it hard to relate to the joke even after a detailed explanation. Or maybe - just maybe - memes are nothing more than a product of our creativity. Maybe, at the end of the day, they are nothing more than a funny example of how we use humor to cope with all the tragedies and misery that life as a Burg student can offer.


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