phone cases against technophobia



The smartphone has unnoticedly become an ever-present and familiar ‘prosthesis’.

 Six different cell phone extentions enable the user to develop
completely new capabilities of social interaction.

All to often technology leads to reservation and timidity when it comes to tech on or even inside the body. But technologies that serve to restore, improve and enhance physical characteristics and abilities are in vogue and pervasive. Without appearing frightening, ‘just in case’ phonecases are close as possible to the body and reduce inhibitions about new technology.
Bright colors remind of toys, generate attention, fascination and curiosity. An eye-catcher that playfully and humorously allows the approach to body extensions.

‘Just in case’ addresses the fear of technology and digitalization by introducing the user to named topics with fun and playfulness. The independent appropriation of technology reduces inhibitions and creates trust in the digital transformation.


Laziness is not just a useless flaw, but a privilege. It may not have a good reputation, but it can be so pleasantly relaxing to just do nothing. To indulge in laziness a bit, Lazification allows the user to have their hands full and thus always have an excuse ready.Behind the case, which at first glance seems a bit out of proportion, is a well-known effect in a new guise. The cord with a handle, which peeps out of the prosthesis, already hints at the upcoming event. If you pull the ripcord, CO2 is released from a compressed air cartridge, the lid of the case pops off and a cactus about 1 meter high unfolds abruptly. The mechanism, which is borrowed from ship rescue systems, makes it possible to multiply the volume of the prosthesis within seconds and lends the user the required lazfication.


Never-ending monologues from the other party inevitably lead to an imbalance in the dialog. The elocount unmistakably reveals the difference of the spoken words and keeps both parties to create balance again.

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