doodle notepad for educational institutions


COGNO is a learning tool on which it is expressly permitted to scribble.

The special circular pattern allows scribbling that is particularly conducive to concentration. Spontaneous, self-determined and repetitive. Based on creativity training exercises, each sheet invites you to associate, color in or complete.
Doodling is an incredibly powerful tool. One that we should finally remember and use. It's not just a source of creativity.
Doodling helps you to focus and stay on task. Those who doodle also find it easier to remember information.

Doodling is only seemingly a thoughtless act, because it has enough cognitive energy to focus our brain and direct mental resources to a main task. Therefore, doodling shouldn't be considered a distraction nor banned from the classroom. Instead, doodling should be encouraged in situations where the density of information and need for processing information is very high.

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